Thank you for visiting Dreamtime Australian Terriers. My dogs are my family and it is my objective to find the very best of homes for the puppies I breed. To achieve this I ask that each potential buyer complete a Puppy Questionnaire and conduct an interview in an attempt to realize the expectations of the buyer and match each puppy with the best home. Certainly if the Buyer’s expectations of the breed aren’t realistic, and/or this isn’t the breed for them it should be determined prior to the puppy leaving the litter. My concern is always for my puppies and their lifetime home. I hope you can appreciate my care and concern in placement.

Each breeding is planned carefully taking into consideration the qualities of each parent and striving for improvement. Temperament and health are always a consideration. I participate in health testing recommended by the Australian Terrier Club of America and have thyroid and patellas screened and eyes CERFed regularly in an attempt to breed the healthiest puppies I can. My bitches and the dogs, before they are bred have gone through complete blood evaluations confirming that they are healthy at the time of breeding.