Welcome to Dreamtime Australian Terriers. For over 30 years, Dreamtime has bred quality show dogs, wonderful, loving companions and performance Aussies titling in Agility, Rally, Obedience Earthdog and Coursing Ability Tests.

In 1980, I bought my 1st Australian Terrier after having lived with dogs and cats all my life. I searched for that perfect pet for my family…one that would be a great family dog and was small enough tag along with us everywhere we went. I couldn’t have found a better match. After 5 years of attending National Specialties, learning about the breed and meeting many breeders, I bought the foundation of my breeding program, CH Walkabout’s Dreamtime. She was the start of many Champions bred under the Dreamtime name. I have always enjoyed showing my own dogs as Breeder/Owner/Handler.


I live in a bedroom community outside Chattanooga, TN.
I do not have a kennel.
My dogs are my family and live in my house.

I breed occasionally, usually one to two litters a year. I have shown my Aussies as an owner-handler for 30 yrs. I am proud of the dogs I have bred and am always thrilled with the successes of my dogs. In 1999, CH Dreamtime Frontiersman, ROM was born. He was that dog of a lifetime and held National Ranking for five years. Many of my dogs have enjoyed many awards in the show ring but their greatest success is in providing homes with the very best companion animal.

Aussies are the greatest… a big dog in a little package, able to go anywhere, and always your best friend. They are alert, courageous, funny, entertaining, loving, easy to train and able to do anything you can imagine. They were bred to be a true companion animal and have never met a stranger. They are a true Terrier very independent and a true problem solver. They make a great family dog. However, as with all dogs, small children must be monitored and taught how to behave around animals.
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